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Chinese Government Scholarships 2017 at Hebei University of Technology

The Hebei University of Technology is pleased to offer Scholarships for International Students in China. It is a public university in Tianjin, China, the first institute of technology in modern Chinese education history. Scholarships are available for masters and Ph...

Mar 24, 2017 Learn More >>

New Work Permit Policy for Foreigners in China

To standardize the management of work permits for foreigners and to attract more quality talent to the territory, the Chinese government has designed and implemented a new foreigner work permit management system. The trail for the integrated process has been carried...

Mar 14, 2017 Learn More >>

Chinese Became a Graduation Exam Subject in Italy

Chinese has been added to the graduation exam list by an Italian high school and 29 students will take the test this year, the Guangming Daily reports quoting Italian local media. This is another big news about the Globalization of Chinese Education after UK made Ch...

Mar 13, 2017 Learn More >>

Don’t be Shocked When You See the Following 7 Things in China

1 Chinese groups or families may ask to pose for a photo with you. 你可能会被求合影 nǐ kě néng huì bèi qiú hé yǐng Except metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai, there are not many foreigners and people may ask to pose for a p...

Feb 28, 2017 Learn More >>

Chinese Government Scholarship – Nanjing University Program 2017-2018

The programs for overseas students are gaining more and more popularity. Chinese Government Scholarship – Nanjing University Program 2017-2018 is to establish through the government to facilitate students and students from abroad to conduct their study and researc...

Feb 28, 2017 Learn More >>

College Entrepreneurs Free to Start Businesses without Jeopardizing Studies in China

What if you want to start a business but don’t want to lose your admission to your college? You can do it in China now! College students in China won't have to fear failure as much when launching start-ups under a newly-amended Ministry of Education regulation. ...

Feb 20, 2017 Learn More >>

Work Opportunities in China for Foreign Graduates!

Work opportunities in China! Foreigners who have graduated within the past year with a master's degree from a Chinese or a foreign university are eligible to search for work in China, starting from this year. ...

Feb 20, 2017 Learn More >>

Enrollment Plan for Overseas Students

2016/2017学年度招收本科临床医学专业(英语授课) 来华留学生的高等学校名单及招生计划表 The List of Universities which Provides Medical Undergraduate ...

Feb 15, 2017 Learn More >>

2017/2018 Chinese Government Scholarship Application

Boys and girls, it’s time for action! The Chinese Government Scholarship Enrollment for the 2017/2018 academic year has begun. Apply for the scholarships to pursue higher education degrees in China! Online application and the corresponding application documents sh...

Feb 14, 2017 Learn More >>

A Brief Description of Chinese Higher Education System

Before you make a decision to study in China, know about the Chinese higher education system to ensure a perfect application schedule! ...

Jan 13, 2017 Learn More >>