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New Work Permit Policy for Foreigners in China

To standardize the management of work permits for foreigners and to attract more quality talent to the territory, the Chinese government has designed and implemented a new foreigner work permit management system. The trail for the integrated process has been carried on in 9 pilot cities/provinces since more than 4 months before. The new system is expected to roll out to the remainder of the country by April 1, 2017.

What should be Noted about This New Mechanism

Change in Work Permits

Since November 1, 2016, the Foreigner Expert Working License and Alien Employment License have been combined into the Notification Letter of Foreigner Work Permit.

Foreigners will be Classified into the Following 3 Categories:

The Chinese government intends to encourage applicants in category A, to control the number of applications in B and restrict the number of applications in C. The above classification is based on the following criteria (which is subject to change):

Simplified Approval Process and Additional Personal Documents

The new policy will simplify the application process for a Foreigner Work Permit Notice. It requires the applicant to submit an online application for pre-approval. An online pre-review process, with timely feedback, will save time on the notification of documents that are not acceptable to the authorities.
The following additional documents are required at the preliminary stage, including but not limited to:

Different Processes and Timeline

The new process will consist of both an online application and physical documentation submission. The sponsoring company is required to complete the online registration first. Applicants in categories B and C will experience longer process, but category A applicants will receive expedited approval if all requirements are met.

Source: The WeChat Official account of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Management

By: Anna Yan from GencONE.COM