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Chinese Became a Graduation Exam Subject in Italy

Chinese has been added to the graduation exam list by an Italian high school and 29 students will take the test this year, the Guangming Daily reports quoting Italian local media. This is another big news about the Globalization of Chinese Education after UK made Chinese one of the compulsory courses in their primary schools in 2014.

This high school named Sophie Scholl, located in Trento, northeastern Italy, has become the very first school in the country to list Chinese as one of the graduation exams. Their Chinese course started five years ago, involving 15% of the students in the whole school.

Maria Silva Boccardi, director of the school, said Chinese will become a global language in the future and they set up the course because many students had asked for it.

"There were only a few schools (in Italy) who provided trial Chinese courses back then, but now, Chinese courses have become a crucial part of our overall teaching plan and we are welcoming our pioneer batch of graduates this year." she said.

Most of the students who are going to take the Chinese exam at the end of this semester regard Chinese Characters the most difficult part of Chinese learning. When asked the reason why they want to learn Chinese, most of them said, “Considering about looking for a job overseas, China would definitely be my first choice”

By: Lily Zhou from GencONE.COM