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Q1: What are differences between applying through GencONE and by myself? Is it necessary to apply through GencONE?

A: GencONE aims to provide free, efficient and accurate real-time information and professional personalized services. So you can get information from GencONE and apply by yourself. For now, it is free to apply for programs through GencONE. Moreover, there are exclusive consultants offering free consultation services. It is easier to apply through GencONE than by yourself, and it is worth trying.

Q2: May I apply for my ideal university and programs on the GencONE website without consultants’ help?

A: Yes. GencONE is not only a professional consultation platform, but also an application platform with a huge database. So it is possible for you to finish your application by yourself. And you can contact consultants whenever you need help. Moreover, university application on the GencONE website is free for now.

Q3: Are all services of GencONE fee-based?

A: No. Services like university consultation, university application and visa application are free for members. But GencONE’s service packages are not free because services in such packages are more detailed and involves a border scope. You can choose service according to your own requirement.

Q4: There are plenty of agencies and consultation platforms claiming that they have cooperation with many universities in China and they can ensure a high success rate. Is is true?

A: GencONE has cooperation with many universities as well, but we will not recommend these universities to you just for profits. We will only recommend you “the most suitable university”. Meanwhile, during our cooperation with universities, we are devoted to optimize the application procedure and get more effective information.

Q5: After purchasing services, may I cancel my purchase?

A: GecONE has many kinds of services, including the single service and service packages. There are different terms for canceling different services. You can get more details from online customer service or your consultant.

Q6: If I do not purchase any service, may I get help from consultation?

A: Yes. GencONE will not force anyone to purchase any service or package. We even provide university application for free. If you have any question, you can contact us at any time for a.

Q7: If I fail to apply for my ideal university, may I have my money back?

A: No. The application fee charged by respective universities is paid for verifying your materials. Although you are not admitted, university staffs do spend time and energy. As a result, all of the application fees of universities in China will not be paid back.

Q8: Should I purchase GencONE’s service packages?

A: It differs from man to man. Different kinds of services in packages are suitable for applicants with different background and in different stages. For those who have clear aims and high self-requirements in good economic condition, we suggest them to choose suitable service packages. It is worth the fees.

Q9: What are features of Fit-in Plans?

A: As the name shows, Integration Plan, the most distinctive service of GencONE is intended to help customers integrate into local life. The service starts once you get your visa. We will arrange your settlement, and “Local Guide” will assist you integrate into local life quickly, avoiding embarrassment or awkwardness caused by language problems, culture differences or environment unfamiliarity.

Q10: Will all campus housing reservation be successful?

A: It depends. In universities here in China, dormitory arrangement follows first-come-first-served basis. Even if you have reserved in advance, you still may be arranged to live in a different dormitory room or do not have access to campus dormitories. Hence, we suggest you to pay your tuition and housing fees in time to ensure your access to your reserved room.

Q11: After receiving my acceptance letter, when should I pay my tuition?

A: Usually, you can pay your tuition at any time before the university registration. Payment is usually finished in the form of transfer remittance or cash. Considering finance security, we suggest you pay your tuition and housing fees to your university by transfer remittance as soon as possible after receiving your acceptance letter. It can also make sure that your campus housing reservation is successful.

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