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Services After Arrival

Ÿ Careers in China

As a modern counrty, China’s great inclusive has attracted people of different races and nationalities to achieve their life goals here. Rapid development of infrastructure plusing the thriving economic industry calls for more and more globle talents. In addition, China’s huge market has made itself a wonderful platform for internship and occupation.

GencONE has been devoted to cultivate globle talents, as well as career development. No matter you want to take challenges and achieve triumphs in large enterprises, or prefer to accumulate experience and enjoy the life in small companies, GencONE will wholeheartedly at your service by providing rich and latest information about internship and job opportunities which will help you to get greater achievement in your life.

Ÿ Being a Contributing Editor of GencONE

If you want to share what you see, what you feel and what you think about China, being a contributing editor of GencONE will be a good choice.

What can you do as a contributing editor? Well, you can write reviews to share your experience of applying, or tell your interesting stories in China, or even tiny tips to make life better. Every tiny thing matters and you will bring huge benefits to those who are planning to come to China.

If you are interested in being a contributing editor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ÿ Any problems in China

Travelling in another country will never be easy for one who takes his journey alone, as crisscrossed streets and disparate languages will definitely confuse him. However, GencONE will help you integrate into the local life by clearing obstacles for you. GencONE’s professional consultants will be at your service for 7*24h.

Another featured service of GencONE is “Local Guide”, who are not only your tourist guide, but also your life guide and“ tourist company”. Once you come into any unexpected problems in China, our “Local Guide” will offer the most convenient services to help you integrate China. Moreover, you will have a chance to hear stories and learn habits which are only known by natives. Enjoy the typical life of natives will be an unforgettable experience.
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