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Help Center/ Beginner Guide/ How to apply/ What are the differences among different application ways?

What are the differences among different application ways?

As a rule, there are DIY application and intermediary agent application two ways of applying studying abroad. DIY application is usually influenced by language barrier and lack of experience. Intermediary agent application is always improper for your own situation.  GencONE was born to dismiss these disadvantages.  Depending on powerful database, professional counseling team and high-quality one-to-one service, GencONE customize schemes for students and makes easier to apply schools and live abroad.

Comparing with DIY and agents, GencONE has irreplaceable advantages.




Searching for programs and schools

1. Barries in communication. Most universities in China have Chinese website only, even if there is an English version, the information is non-specific and it is difficult to obtain useful information.

2. Communication with colleges is usually in a low rate. You may not obtain information you need after a long conversation.

The adagent always recommend you schools cooperating with them, and these schools may not suit you in fact.

1. Offer 7*24h English consultation service.

2. Help you choose a suitable program and school after learning about you.

3. The huge database would satisfy all your demand.

Application procedure

1. Both of your information and experience are limited. You may not make a choice matching your background and advantages.

2. Do not know schools and program requirements well.

3. Could not plan perfectly and the application may beyond the deadline.

1. Documents and application are rough. Agents would not make a choice according to your situation.

2. Pay more attention on profiles and may not consider your own needs.

1. GencONE offer an online application system, and you can login and check your material preparation along with application status at any time.

2. Your consultant will provide you with unique VIP service according to your situation patiently and responsibly. In addition, s/he will give you feedback in time.

Visa application

1. You may be confused by visa types and make mistakes due to lacking experience.

2. You may not prepare materials accurately.

3. You may have a tough period preparing documents and waiting for your visa.

1. Visa preparation is rough and your visa may be denied.

2. There will be some circumstaces charging you extra money.

1. GencONE has a professional team who will make you a unique plan corresponding to your country and circumstances and assist you to prepare documents.

2. GencONE will keep on eye on your application status and give you feedback as soon as possible.


1. You may spend a lot of time searching for accommodation, booking plane tickets, planning routines and many other trivial things.

2. Knowing nowhere and nobody, you may find a map useless.

1. Anagent may offer you services like plane ticket booking or airport pick-up. But they could not take your needs into consideration and  offer an uncomfortble tour with high prices.

1. There is a certain person waiting to answer your questions and give you notice before your departure.

2. Offer VIP services including plane ticket booking, accommodation reservation, airport pick-up and any other services you need.

3. Provide you with a mysterious "Local People" service. Then, you will have a considerate guide and friend once you reach China.

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